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Oh Carolina!
2007-03-16 @ 1:06 p.m.

I�m going to North Carolina!

This trip is more than a year overdue. I was SUPPOSED to go last May for a wedding and when I couldn�t make that happen, I was SUPPOSED to go last Fall to make up for it. When I couldn�t make THAT happen, I decided it was time to stop making promises I couldn�t follow through on, but I kept my eyes on the airfare. I logged into my e-mail this morning and was alerted that an airfare search I had done earlier (weeks ago) had gone down in price. I did a little checking around and found a flight I couldn�t resist. Todd and I are both flying out Memorial Day weekend for under $400.

I feel a little guilt about this � I am supposed to be saving for wedding/honeymoon splurges, but at the same time I feel like this is such an important thing to me. I haven�t been back to North Carolina in almost 4 years. So much happened to me in NC that shaped who I am now, and I want to share it with Todd. My �other� home. The life I had before he existed to me. I want to take him to restaurants and show him some things that were important to me then. Where I worked, where I lived, where I went when I needed to breathe. I decided, in the middle of making phone calls to determine whether or not the travel dates would work for everyone involved, that we�re only living once. Opportunities like this don�t fall into our laps every day. We have to do this. So we�re going to. And we�ll deal with the honeymoon/wedding expenses when we have to.

We will go to the coast. We will spend some time with friends who shaped a period in my life that was arguably one of the most important thus far. We will bask in the sun and maybe Margy will give me a haircut that doesn�t make me want to cry every morning and maybe I can get a cinnamon biscuit at Bojangle�s (OMG! And Japanese takeout!). The trip is 10 weeks away and I am bouncing out of my chair with excitement.

Thirty isn�t turning out to be so bad after all�

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