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More Like Myself Again
2007-03-12 @ 7:45 a.m.

These days I�m feeling more like myself again.

I bought my wedding dress! I actually bought it a week ago Sunday, so you are not the first to hear of it, internets, it�s just taken me a while to get around to updating the rest of the world. I love it. Obviously. I�m so so soooo excited about it and now the search is on for accessories. I�ve decided against getting a veil. And the whole get-up will be somewhat non-traditional and different from your average wedding � so I�m excited to see how this whole thing plays out. I think this is the most excited I�ve gotten about the wedding planning and I think it�s because I finally have something tangible to show for it. I have my dress!! There�s no turning back now! Since I bought the dress, I�ve filled in the rest of my wedding party and firmed up some things that I had been avoiding and, basically, I feel like I have a huge weight off my shoulders now. So we�re good. So good.

Now I just need to work on getting control of my uncontrollable body functions. Particularly, the splotchiness. I got splotchy when I was wearing my dress. Large, uncontrollable red splotches all over my neck and chest. I don�t remember a time when it was so easy to make me burst into the splotchiness (I also did it when we met with our first photographers � we walked out of the meeting and I was all �What did you think?� and Todd replied �Well, first of all, I THINK it looks like you have hickeys all over your neck.� Oh yay!) but I�m REALLY hoping that they�ll be able to air brush it out of pictures.

I�ve been feeling pretty lucky lately. A little nostalgic and looking a little backwards at where I came from, but feeling pretty good about where I�ve ended up. It�s so refreshing when life works out like this.

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