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Oh! So Old!
2007-02-23 @ 10:13 a.m.

Last week � exactly one week ago today actually � I turned 30.

So far, nothing exciting has happened. My organs aren�t jumping out of my body, my hair hasn�t spontaneously turned gray, and while my veins seem to get closer to my skin with every passing day, not one has jumped out and declared itself varicose yet. So far, so good.

We went away for a long weekend, and it was very nice. We went shopping and gambling and exploring. We didn�t get much sleep and have been trying to recover from that since we got back. That, and the fact that the house is suddenly a disaster area and the laundry doesn�t seem to have an ending point.

I had a dream last night that it was my wedding day, mid-afternoon, and I was doing my own hair and make-up, didn�t have a dress yet, hadn�t attended marriage classes, didn�t have readings or music picked out and I was FREAKING OUT. So today I brought some wedding stuff with me to work and I am taking care of some of the important church stuff. It�s interesting to me how little attention I have paid to my wedding thus far. There have obviously been a ton of discussions and a bunch of shopping and we�ve hired some vendors, but I really thought that I would be consumed by this wedding once I finally got to plan one, and it just hasn�t been like that. I�m excited, yes. But it�s not the center of my life � which is a good thing. Except, apparently it is the center of my subconscious�s life because � the nightmare.

Anyway, the first milestone for this year has come and gone. 30 doesn�t feel any different than 29 did, but it certainly feels a lot different than 20 did. Or even 25. My life has changed so much in the last ten years. I�m so happy to be where I am now. I firmly believe that my thirties are going to be the best years of my life (even though I�ve been hearing that the best years of my life have been the years I�ve been living since I was approximately 10, and I�m not entirely convinced that the best years of our lives aren�t the ones we don�t even remember � from birth to 4 years or so � but I digress). Hello, 30. Bring it.

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