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We'll Always Have 2003
2007-03-30 @ 7:50 a.m.

I�ve been reading over my older entries and, damn, I used to be really funny. Not only that, but I used to have STORIES to tell. My life used to be something that involved STORIES that people would find, at the very least, amusing. What happened?

Well, I think I stopped drinking so much, for one thing. Apparently that took all the �funny� right out of my life.

Oh well, I�ll always have 2003!

Since I turned 30 I have:

Hurt my back by doing �untrained and unsupervised abdominal exercises� at home.

Dealt with some interesting GI issues due to minor changes in my diet.

Come down with a raging ear infection (in my good ear).

Felt the need to be in bed even earlier than usual (which is really embarrassingly early).


This weekend nothing noteworthy will go on. That will make it similar to almost every other weekend lately. We have an anniversary celebration tomorrow night, but other than that it will be work around the house and catching up with DVR/Netflix. Is it any wonder that I have lost my funny? The best I have now are Sanjaya jokes (from American Idol) and, seriously, that�s just too easy.

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