The Better Part of Me...

I Smell Good. Do you?
2007-02-01 @ 1:11 p.m.

My sister gave me a body spray from Bathed & Infused in "Peach Bellini" as a gift for being her maid of honor last October. That gift opened up Pandora's Box. I have since spent upwards of $150 at Bathed & Infused and it doesn't look like my obsession is going to slow down anytime soon. I have a huge wish list.

My Bathed & Infused addiction led me to this site: Product of the Day, which in turn led me to Kristine's Shower. I splurged earlier this week and bought a body frosting (in Girly Girl) and a body sorbet (in Orange Dream) and let me tell you - it is AWESOME. They were super fast (I ordered on Monday. Got my stuff yesterday.) The stuff smells wonderful (orange dream smells exactly like a dreamsicle. I spent all night trying not to eat my arm!) and my skin feels delightful. I cannot recommend either of these etailors enough. I am so pleased!

So - if you're in the market - check it out! Two thumbs up from me!

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