The Better Part of Me...

2007-01-11 @ 12:35 p.m.

Today my co-worker undergoes surgery for breast cancer.

Those of us left behind have donned pink bracelets to show our support. I've always sort of scoffed at the idea of the rubberband bracelet as a statement of anything, but I have got to tell you that the sisterhood I have experienced in doing this, and going through this with the rest of my co-workers has been almost overwhelming at times.

God bless my co-worker.
All of them actually.

Today my grandpa undergoes a procedure to replace the batteries in his pacemaker.

It's a simple procedure, but my grandpa's heart is running on borrowed time, so it's still scary.

God bless my grandpa.
My whole family actually - give everyone peace of mind to get through this day.

Today my stepdad and my grandma go in for colonoscopies. I've teased them all week about how they get to share this special occasion with each other.

God bless my stepdad and my grandma so that the results of this are good, and they are healthy.

Today I will sign up for a membership at a gym.

God bless me as I take this step towards taking care of myself and focusing on my own health.

That's a lot to put on Gods plate today, but it helps to take a little bit off of mine, and I guess that's all I really need...

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