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Oh Carolina!
2007-03-16 @ 1:06 p.m.

I’m going to North Carolina!

This trip is more than a year overdue. I was SUPPOSED to go last May for a wedding and when I couldn’t make that happen, I was SUPPOSED to go last Fall to make up for it. When I couldn’t make THAT happen, I decided it was time to stop making promises I couldn’t follow through on, but I kept my eyes on the airfare. I logged into my e-mail this morning and was alerted that an airfare search I had done earlier (weeks ago) had gone down in price. I did a little checking around and found a flight I couldn’t resist. Todd and I are both flying out Memorial Day weekend for under $400.

I feel a little guilt about this – I am supposed to be saving for wedding/honeymoon splurges, but at the same time I feel like this is such an important thing to me. I haven’t been back to North Carolina in almost 4 years. So much happened to me in NC that shaped who I am now, and I want to share it with Todd. My “other” home. The life I had before he existed to me. I want to take him to restaurants and show him some things that were important to me then. Where I worked, where I lived, where I went when I needed to breathe. I decided, in the middle of making phone calls to determine whether or not the travel dates would work for everyone involved, that we’re only living once. Opportunities like this don’t fall into our laps every day. We have to do this. So we’re going to. And we’ll deal with the honeymoon/wedding expenses when we have to.

We will go to the coast. We will spend some time with friends who shaped a period in my life that was arguably one of the most important thus far. We will bask in the sun and maybe Margy will give me a haircut that doesn’t make me want to cry every morning and maybe I can get a cinnamon biscuit at Bojangle’s (OMG! And Japanese takeout!). The trip is 10 weeks away and I am bouncing out of my chair with excitement.

Thirty isn’t turning out to be so bad after all…

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